Wayne Curtis, PhD and Dina Nichelson co-founded Curtis Concepts, LLC, a full service advisory firm. We provide financial advice for real estate deals, including structuring, management consulting, and professional customer relations.


Curtis Concepts has a leadership team with over 50 years' experience in financial services, economic development, and relationship partnering in both the public and private sectors. 

We have become recognized in our interventions for organizational change management in for profit and nonprofit settings. 


We also have division that works with institutions and idividuals on critical leadership issues, including, but not limited to, coaching and organizational development. Our leadership division has developed online and face-to-tace training for professionals and academic institutions


Customers thinking through new strategic business or operations initiatives will be well-served by our firm. We are forward-thinking consultants that value our clients' time and resources as if they were our own. 


Our government relations division positions our clients to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic communications plan. Including, but not limited to, identifying key stakeholders and external challenges, we will customize an approach and ensure successful outcomes. 


To complete the strategic vision of our clients, we are positioned to develop, plan and execute successful outcomes by organizing and managing major event productions in every major city in the country and several submarkets. 


Call or email us today :  202-253-7866, results@curtisconcepts.com


Dr. Curtis certified by the Association of Colleges and University Educators, and by Quality Matters, the benchmark for online content development


We are a Certified Business Enterprise in the District of Columbia


CBE Number :  LSR1148062019